I live in the grand state of Texas! I' love Texas!! I've learned it's hotter than the devils tongue...more beautiful than a fresh baked cup cake....and friendlier than the high school counselor that gave you the creeps. Come share my adventures in life. I'm a mother of three beautiful one's & two hairy ones (my doggies). I must also mention that I'm the CEO of the family. I've learned that life is more than 'my fine shirt just got soaked' bath times, 'hey we are so running fashionable late again' swimming lessons, your most recent 'break down' in the laundry room (yes I'm talking to you; now put down the dryer lint slowly), the latest 'does my butt look big' moment, or even that rock awesome meal you cooked last night. Life is random, sexy, unbelievable, predictable and darn cool. Lets get crafty, create, explore Texas, and have some pretty sweet experiences!

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Do it up homie…

Ok ladies.  It’s time.  Time to say goodbye to flab…am I right?  I’m sure you feel it too; what with ads that ooze semi-naked women constantly.  The pool calling our kids out for a swim.

We are who we are and we should love that about ourselves right?  Unfortunately others’ perspectives still irritate me, influence me, and get me walking the old tread on the mill.  I want to get toned, lose some weight, and feel all confident and ‘damn women’ and stuff.  I have a plan.  I often turn to Urban dictionary to keep my word up skills sharp and I happened across this ~

Do it up homie:

“Do it up homie is a legend, a prophecy.   It involves living your life to the fullest and making the most out of every situation. It includes setting a goal and achieving it no matter what the circumstances are.   Do it up homie is a life style, so live it.   Do you feel the legend?”

Thanks Urban…I’m feeling the legend and I’m going to ‘Do it up homie’ and do it up hard.

Goal number one:  Set goals.  I’m going to have to think seriously about this.  Once things hit the live blog it’s a do or die sitch.  Am I going to post before pics (biting my lip seriously contemplating…I mean can I risk it?  Once my white hyde is out there on the world wide web..it’s out there)?, am I going to exercise like a bad mama outta h-e-double hockey sticks?,  am I going to give up my love of all things relating to cupcakes and sprinkles?  I just don’t know yet, but I think it will be great to share this ‘traumatic experience’ with all of you!  Traumatic cause dang it all to heck if change ain’t hard I don’t know what is.  The only constant is change (I think that’s the old wives saying), but I also enjoy the monotony of my everyday regularity (that’s my current wife saying).

*I am for sure going to make the most of my situation.  **I am for sure going to learn to be healthier (for my posterity if for no other reason……ahh who am I kidding, my bathing suit mocks me).  ***I am for sure  going to gain a stronger sense of self on my journey to ‘the forgotten shelf’…you know the one with all those jeans that you just can’t seem to squeeze into.   ****I know.  Enough with the stars already.  But they are pretty****

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