I'm a recent Florida transplant to the great state of Texas. I live with my 4 kids, 1 dog & husband in a beautiful suburb of Houston. I am a stay at home mom with lots to do AND say but never enough hours in a day to get them all done. I love to read, write & decorate but find that I have waaaay too many helpers to do many projects! :) There's never a dull moment in my house since 3 of my kids are under 4! Come join me and our journey through this crazy thing we call life!

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Things I learned at the ranch

Living in southeast Texas, dude ranches abound. We recently got to experience one for the first time and we all had a really great, relaxing time. When I was trying to think of this week’s blog topic, I was stumped. Until I thought about our trip and the lessons we learned while we were there – they are relevant in my everyday life with little ones.

1 – Life’s messy. We learned that the hard way at the ranch. Good thing the cabins all had indoor plumbing since we were so dusty by lunch that you needed a bath in order to feel human for dinner. Same goes for living with kids. It’s.messy.all.the.time.

2 – You’ll need a nap just to make it through the day. ‘Nuff said. 🙂

3 – If you fall off your horse, get back up (or else they’ll trample all over you). 🙂

4 – Eat while you can cuz it’ll all be gone.quickly. LOL at the ranch they serve meals buffett style and with over 100 guests and children, it goes fast. I wondered why the teenagers raced to stand at the table long before the meal was served…yeah, I learned why quickly. They’re not fools, they knew that if you wanted a chance at a full plate and/or a second plate, you needed to be quick. Exact same thing happens at my house, if the meal served is especially tasty or kid friendly, it’ll be gone PRONTO. And mommy often doesn’t get any or at least any that’s hot. Lesson learned: act quickly!

5 – Watch where you step. LOL – with horses, peacocks & deer roaming the ranch you really had to watch your step. While it’s not exactly the same here at home, at times it’s actually worse. Here at home you have to deal with sharp little cars, hard plastic legos and action figures with pointy weapons. OUCH!

6 – Life on the ranch is down right exhausting. I don’t know if it’s the dry heat or just the fact that you try and do so much during the day, but I was genuinely, happily worn out each night. Much like home where life is exhausting with little ones and I am genuinely, happily ready for their bedtimes. 🙂

7 – If you fall off your horse, you have to dust yourself off and get right back on. Exactly the same way it is when you have children – they’ll knock you down many times a day and you obviously can’t admit defeat, so…you get back up, dust yourself off & get right back into it.

8 – And last, but CERTAINLY not least, the horses all have a mandatory afternoon siesta. Doesn’t everyone need this? Enough said. 🙂



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