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Weight loss goals…

Well I do believe I have set some ‘goals’ for my weight loss journey.  My first goal is to get to know my body.  This may sound crazy, but I don’t really know my body!  I wake up with it everyday, go to sleep with it every night, feed it, and live in it, but it’s been a very long time since I have taken the time to listen to what my body wants and needs.  I’ve never had a substantial repoire with my bod, however I did gain a very firm respect for it over the course of having my babies.

The body, my body, is amazing.  I want to treat it amazing.  It’s going to take me some time to give it the attention it deserves due to the fact that my shoulder has felt cold toward myself for some time now.  Why is it that as women we can’t just stand in front of the mirror and say…”I totally look hot,”or “My body looks and feels fabulous.”  Maybe some of you can and I applaud you.  I will be in the group of body awesomeness some day….for now I will work on it.

My second goal is to track all that I eat.  I’m going to use calorie count dot com cause they so rock.  I’ve used them before and it helped tons.  You can track what you eat, how much you weigh, your exercise…plus you can talk in forums with others who have the same goals as you.  So you get support and knowledge all in one place.

My third goal is obviously to exercise.  Every body is meant to be active.  Even if it’s just a 30 minute walk bodies need to be in movement…and this includes mine.  I have several work out videos that I enjoy (tae bo, p90x, yoga, windsor pilates, etc.) and I intend to dust them off and give it a hearty go.  Any of you have goals that you have set recently to up your body (or down the pounds)?

I want to also mention a very cool blog post by a fellow TodaysMama blogger:

JENNIFER’S JOURNEY: Life as a Mom at a Live-In Weight Loss Camp

Inspiration is always great when working towards any goal!

p.s. I am so going to take before and after photos as well as keeping track of my measurements.

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