I live in the grand state of Texas! I' love Texas!! I've learned it's hotter than the devils tongue...more beautiful than a fresh baked cup cake....and friendlier than the high school counselor that gave you the creeps. Come share my adventures in life. I'm a mother of three beautiful one's & two hairy ones (my doggies). I must also mention that I'm the CEO of the family. I've learned that life is more than 'my fine shirt just got soaked' bath times, 'hey we are so running fashionable late again' swimming lessons, your most recent 'break down' in the laundry room (yes I'm talking to you; now put down the dryer lint slowly), the latest 'does my butt look big' moment, or even that rock awesome meal you cooked last night. Life is random, sexy, unbelievable, predictable and darn cool. Lets get crafty, create, explore Texas, and have some pretty sweet experiences!

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Nail fraud is for me…

Nail Fraud is a stinkin’ awesome new way to make your nails look super fresh and professionally done!  It’s super easy to do and the results amazed me.  The website even offers a ‘show how’ video featuring a cute little gal who knows exactly what she’s doing.  You can check out the site HERE.

At under 10 bucks a pop it’s affordable…more so than a manicure at the salon (and bonus I don’t have to get dressed and find my keys!).   I purchased mine at Sally Beauty Supply, but you can also order them through Amazon & Drugstore.com.  Nail Fraud comes in several fun designs and colors, so whether you want to sport a leopard print or just some hot pink…it’s available!

(Yes that is my foot and my hand and NOT two hands…and Yes I’m posting a picture of my foot…only because Nail Fraud made it so cute!).

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