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Preparing for Thanksgiving…& the In-Laws!

We recently relocated from Utah to Texas.  Now Thanksgiving is upon us.  My hub’s parents staked their claim on a road trip for the Thanksgiving holiday to visit us all the way down in the Lone Star State.  I am so excited, but I am also a bit on the fence about this whole ‘being in charge’ of Thanksgiving thing.  I mean it’s a pretty major holiday to prepare for.  I’m right now in the process of gathering what recipes I ‘think’ I’m going to use and I’m scouring websites like Martha Stewart for ideas like these:

I mean isn’t that the most beautiful bird you’ve ever seen???  I’ve done Thanksgiving when it was just our little family and even for a few friends, but for some reason…the in-laws have me a bit nervous.  I can’t decide if I want to go traditional with Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc., or if I want to go totally off the wall and do a Tex-mex Texan version?  So many delish recipes and only one me and a count down that dwindles daily.  Anyone have any advice on menu ideas?

I’m all about the hosting and making everything look just right…I’ve already purchased a new table cloth in a vibrant grass green and linen napkins in brown and rust orange.  I also bought a bamboo table runner from Walmart.  I want to use natural colors because we are planning to have our feast outdoors (too cool I know…as a Utah girl I haven’t ever been able to have Thanksgiving outside before!).  I’m undecided on my centerpiece as of right now, but I’m sure I’ll pick the best one for my dinner party.

Here are some lanterns from mason jars that I’m going to make to hang around our pergola…mine will have wire, but aren’t they fab!  (these belong to a friend of mine who got hitched…)

So if any one has tips, hints, tricks, or great stories…I’d love to hear it all!

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