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Free Family Fun at Harris County Public Library Branches

I talk to my kids a lot about “when I was growing up” and they still somehow imagine dinosaurs roamed the planet and tarpits sat where our shopping malls now reside.

One of my favorite pasttimes as a kid in El Paso was braving the three-mile bike ride in 100+ degree weather to the local library. I was home alone most of the day and when my friends were grounded (which seemed to be often, now that I think about it), I was left on my own.

The ride to the library was easy enough. All downhill and if you avoided hitting the parked cars or occasional stray cat, the breeze kept you cool enough. Hours later, however, it was a different story. Uphill. Three miles. Dead of the afternoon desert heat. It was torture, but when I got home and unloaded my backpack on my bed? It was so worth it.

My kids struggle with focus. With all the television, DVDs, and video games you can stomach, it can be tough to convince them of all the thrill and excitement of getting lost in a book. But we haven’t given up, and after finishing “Super Fudge” this Spring, our soon-to-be third grader is coming around.

My middle son, picking out a book at HCPL.

So it was pretty natural that as soon as the boxes were unpacked in our Katy apartment, my first order of business was to develop our family’s new “normal.” And that included scouting out the local libraries and signing up for our cards.

We found the Katy branch of the Harris County Public Library and have since ventured toward Spring and explored the Barbara Bush branch (well worth the drive, by the way).  And lucky for us? The library has plenty in store for families (adults and kids of all ages) this summer, waiting just around the corner from you!

Summer Reading Program 2012: Get A Clue

With three age groups to choose from (0-12, 12-18, and 18 years and older), every reader in your family should be signed up for the summer reading program.

Readers log books throughout the summer, between now and August 11, to receive awards, prizes, and all sorts of fun recognition. Participate at your local branch (click here to find yours) or sign up online here.

Once you set up a profile (for yourself or for you children), you can track books, rate the reading experience, and even check out other readers’ logs and reading lists.  (And yes, there was a 2-year-old on the site who has already logged 382 books. Color me impressed. And a the slightest bit bitten by the competitive bug!)

Need help selecting books? The HCPL offers an exciting service called Book Hunters, “personal reading consultants” who will provide you a list of recommendations based on your likes and dislikes. What’s not to like?

So dust off the old bookbag and get your family down to your local library…a summer of excitement and new books is waiting!


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  1. Rhoda Goldberg 07/10/2012 at 11:23 am

    Welcome back to Texas. We are pleased to be part of the new “normal” for your family.