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How to Set Goals

  As I sit down to write down my New Year’s Resolution Goals for the year to come, I begin to pen a plethora of goals and desires.  I never had any goal coaching or lectures as I was growing from a green behind the ears child, to a woman, mother, and wife, so allow me to offer some advice.

*For the most part keep your goals private…it’s a great indicator and standard to hold yourself to, and the whole world doesn’t need to know that your secret love for moon pies makes you laugh out loud, and I think that others may not desire to be reminded that they themselves either do or do not have goals of their own.

*Some goals MUST be shared in order to glue you to them, industrial-strength style!  I know this contradicts what I just mentioned above, but I think you are catching my insanely too close to home drift here….think goals to lose weight, stop smoking, quit drinking, etc.  Any goal that requires assistance is worth a mention to those you choose to rub elbows with often.  {One of my goals [totally breaking number one…again] is to be more aware in all aspects of my being>>>be aware in a  spiritual sense in that I hear God’s voice and eliminate my own selfish chatter>>>Aware in a personal sense in that I turn off my social media outlets, readings, and craft projects to enable me to really allow myself to rest and be present with those in my company>>> Being aware in an all around sense, in that I DON’T stress about the small stuff and only think about do do do, get done get done get done, more more more, must accomplish more!}

*Set your goals when you are in moments of stillness, try relaxing, listening to your iPod, skimming back over your favorite book, intensely chewing minty gum, or twirling your hair in an OCD fashion.  That is when you will have the optimal goal setting moment. That’s the good stuff on goal setting getting in the moment and rolling with it hard and fast {while relaxing}.

*Goals can keep us sane, so set them!  Write them down…write them down…write them down.  How can you expect to keep something in your sights if you forget what your goal is?  I know my mental ink fades quite fast and unfortunately my brain is nontransferable!  So, if you’re like me and there’s even the slightest chance that you’ll lose sight of them mentally, it’s better to have them written down and take a look everyday.

*Persist.  Don’t give up. Learn and improve. Be patient. Be persistent.

*You are responsible for your own personal development.  It’s a solo act.  It’s tempting to hide behind mother’s skirt or hang onto someone’s shirt tails, but we are who we are because of what we’ve accomplished or failed to accomplish.  Don’t be afraid to fail.  It will happen.  We all fail from time to time, but we are stronger, wiser, better for it.

*Key word, slow.  S*L*O*W*  Goals take time.  It’s definitely okay to pull an all snail war on them.

*Dream BIG.  Who says all our goals have to be realistic?  Why can’t I learn to tap dance at 31?  Who wouldn’t want to take up sky diving as a weekend outer?  Set goals that you can reach of course, but while you’re at it set some just to make you smile, just to make you realize you’ll always be that little kid with holes in his pants knees, just to make you realize how far you’ve come and more importantly that the world is open for so much more!

           *No matter  how successful you are now, or how successful you become is up to you. When you are finally at one reaching your goals…all else removed from the chaos, worry, and stress of your life, your goals can help elevate you to become who you truly want to be!

Just a few thoughts that struck me during my time of “goal setting” today.


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  1. Brooke Barker 01/02/2013 at 12:42 pm

    I think one thing I’ve learned when setting goals, is that I have to make a plan to achieve them if I’m going to be successful at it. Wanna lose 20 lbs, run a half marathon or learn to crochet? Well sure. But how am I going to get there?