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How to Make Baby Burp Cloths

Have you ever wondered how to make baby burp cloths?  Well, wonder no longer.  Here’s a very easy way to make them.

First gather the items you’ll need to make your baby burp cloths:

  • 1 yard flannel fabric
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • scissors
  • a dessert plate (sounds strange, but trust me…)
  • rotary cutter and cutting matte

Now for the making of the baby burp cloths:

Iron your flannel until it’s smooth as…well a baby’s bottom!

Next fold it in half right sides together and place on your cutting matte.

Using your rotary cutter-cut every 12 inches.  This allows you a nice size for your baby burp cloth and you’ll get three out of your yard of fabric.

After cutting them every 12 inches take your dessert plate and place it on the corners so that you can cut around the plate for a nice rounded edge.  Moving it to all corners on all three baby burp cloths.

making baby burp clothsWe are now ready to sew!  Head over to your machine and sew (with a 1/4″ to 1/2″ seam allowance) all the way around-leaving a 2″ spot un-sewn (so you can turn it right sides out because remember we are right sides together).

making baby burp clothsTurn it right side out and press —> being careful to tuck in the ‘un-sewn’ section to match the sewn section.

making baby burp cloths Now using a decorative stitch (I used the zig zag) sew all the way around using the same seam allowance as before.  Poof…totally cute, absorbent, baby burp cloths!

making baby burp cloths


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